Crowns and Bridges

    3M Lava™

  • Precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit. Lava™ has superior fit relative to leading competition. This greatly reduces the chances for decay below the crown/bridge, better fit keeps gums healthy and prevents food entrapment in those caps that can lead to bad breath.
  • Proven high strength performance – 1440 MPA 3-pt. bend strength. So you can rest assured that the chance to go back with a failure is minimized.
  • 5 Year clinical study with 100% survival rate, assuring you of the best that 3M™ ESPE has to offer.
  • Natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics Lava™ – ceramic overlay material is best suited for giving great looking final restorations.
  • Patented substructure system available in 8 shades. The tooth shaded internal frameworks ensure that the match to your natural tooth occurs from the substructure level unlike other PFM or Zirconia systems which have white or opaque substructures.

E.MAX Lithium Disclicate

  • Empress Eris all-ceramic restorations give your patients the most life like esthetics of any product on the market. The life-like esthetics are achieved by the flourapatite composition, which mimics the flourescence, opalescence and translucency of natural teeth. Precise fits on the Empress Eris only add to why it is our top of the line all-ceramic restoration.

  • Cu-Sil partials allow for low cost add-ons, repairs, relines and require minimal adjustments and chair time.

  • Brux "C"

    Our full contour zirconia crowns are stained the “Green State” using our own custom formulas to accomplish a more esthetic full zirconia restoration.

    • Our brux “C” crown has a full infiltration of color, which eliminates bright spots during adjusting.
    • In-house mill for better quality control and consistency.

    Zeno Crowns

    • Zeno is our in-house milled Porcelain to Zirconia restoration. We only use top of the line Wieland Zirconia combined with Wieland Porcelain for the ultimate bond between Porcelain and Zirconia.
    • The use of manufacture specific products is the first step in controlling our stringent quality standards and gives you a system that is guaranteed for 5 years against fracture.