Injection Dentures

  • Continuous injection of resin prohibits gaps and voids.
  • Closed flask system virtually eliminates the chance of opening vertical dimension.
  • Allows for the use of all our acrylics, such as Lucitone 199, Vita and all Ethnic shades.
  • Bottom line – Precise!

Cu-Sil Dentures

    Cu-Sil is comfortable to wear because it prevents stress to teeth often cause by torque inducing metal partials. It stabilizes, cushions and splints teeth with an Elastometric gasket that provides retention and seals out food.

  • Cu-Sil partials allow for low cost add-ons, repairs, relines and require minimal adjustments and chair time.
  • Gaskets need to be checked every 2-3 years for wear.
  • Special solution for soaking Cu-Sil is needed.

    • The “KENNY”

      The “KENNY” is an alternative to traditional flippers, primarily used during the implant healing process.
      High patient acceptance due to better phonetics and less bulk.

      Flexible Partials (Valplast, Lucitone, FRS)

      Our flexible partial line of products gives you a few different options

    • Addition tissue, clear, or tooth shaded clasps to your metal frameworks.
    • Metal and monomer free
Tissue Colored
Tissue Colored Clasps
Tooth Colored
Tooth Colored Clasps
Clear Clasps
Clear Clasps